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Use our 3 steps to successfully caclulate your pension in Germany.
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01. Calculate your pension
With our pension calculator you can find out what pension you will receive from the government pension. The calculator is there to get an initial overview quickly and easily. Book yourself a free initial meeting with us, to find out how you can close your pension gap in the most efficent way.
02. Look at additional options
The state pension system has not been profitable for years and already needs 100 million euros in state aid every year just to survive. This state of affairs is not a good basis for long-term, stable financial planning. It therefore makes sense in any case to look at additional alternatives.
Comparison of over 100 providers:
03. Get an expert on your side
With an optimised pension plan, you can legally save up to 50% tax and drastically increase your investment portfolio over time. If you would like more information on this topic, please book a free initial consultation with us.